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Although heart disease in the young is very rare,  it can have tragic consequences. 

Most people are aware of young people who have ‘dropped down dead’ on the sports field.  This  is a  personal tragedy for those involved but also undermines the confidence of those around, and can become a disincentive to the enjoyment of sport, the pursuit of which over a lifetime will be of huge benefit. 

Unfortunately, wide spread screening has been deemed to be non effective for the NHS, unless there has been a death in the family.

Screening generally consists of a clinical assessment by a specialist nurse, an ECG and if these are abnormal and echocardiogram ( or heart scan)

CVS is keen to offer a service to young people wishing to have the reassurance of a heart check.

How Much will it cost ?

CVS health is well aware that most young families are hard pressed particularly at present and therefore aims to offer a low cost alternative to conventional private health options.

CVS will therefore provide the initial assessment, that is an ECG and an assessment by a specialist nurse, at nothing over the costs that we incur.  In most young people this will be sufficient reassurance. 

Those with an abnormal ECG or other high risk markers will be free to return with the result to their GP for further investigation or else to continue to echocardiography with CVS.

Either way a comprehensive report will be issued.

This screen is in line with that recommend by the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young and other international guidelines.

For more information call us at our Eastbourne clinis on 01323 410400 or at our Folkestone clinic on 01303 298150.

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