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Cardiac Wellfare Screening Cardiac Wellfare Consultation

CVS Healthcare is proud to offer its 21st century screening programme for the early hardening of the heart arteries that goes beyond the conventional.

CVS Cardiac Welfare utilises the very latest Cardiovascular CT calcium screening equipment as part of a highly ethical assessment process that is tailor made to the individual.

Cardiovascular CT allows the detailed imaging of coronary arteries previously only possible using invasive techniques.

From the outset, every patient will undergo a series of tests at the CVS clinic in the centre of Eastbourne and will not be offered a CT scan unless it is absolutely necessary based on a rigorous assessment of need.

Patients for whom a CT scan is recommended will benefit from a brand-new scanner located adjacent to CVS at BMI The Esperance Hospital in Eastbourne, with scans performed by highly qualified BMI Healthcare radiographers.

To learn more about how the Cardiac Welfare Service could work for you, follow our patient journey.

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